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Ogunquit Cottages

Jean Knapp Rentals
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Ogunquit Cottages began in 2000 as a vision to restore the beauty and charm of some of the older homes in our neighborhood. A place where friends and families can gather and feel at home. Where attention to detail still matters.

Each year it feels as though we welcome home our family members, sharing many laughs and stories along the way. From the moment we remodeled the kitchen, starting from scratch at the bare walls at Aunt Bee’s, to the day we decided to tear out the ceilings at the Mayberry and expose the beautiful wooden beams, we have spared no effort in making these some of the finest homes in Ogunquit.

Hardwood floors…stone fireplace…restored wainscoating…all lovingly restored to their 1920’s charm and character. We offer these homes for rental with pride of ownership and hope that you'll join our “family” of visitors who have made these homes their homes during their summer stays in Ogunquit.

Bruce, Bob, Bobby, and Jim


Village Square House

29 Village Square Lane, Ogunquit


158 Highland Avenue, Ogunquit